A Variety of African Animation Story Options For Children

African anima Story

If ever you wanted to learn about a fascinating African tradition, the African Animality is your best bet. There is a story behind each and every single one of us and it is our bounden duty to relay the true African story to our children. From our African ancestors to our African descendants, there are so many tales of African culture that need to be told. Through our books, television programs, and other forms of media that tell our African story, we can teach them how important it is to tell these stories and how they should not miss out on the great things the African people did in their past. The African heritage is rich; it is time to let them know.

With some African American cartoon characters, it is easy for children to identify with the different kinds of African people from their own story. For example, the African lion who rescues a black bear is just like our African friends. They talk the same language, practice the same religion, and even have similar legends. Here are just a few African cartoons you can look up:

o King Krule – This animated cartoon series is part of Disney’s African American heroes series. You can easily relate to the story as King Krule is an African king who has problems with his subjects and his kingdom. The animation is very creative and a good watch especially for kids. If you do not want to spend too much time watching the show, try to search for it on the internet so you can also see how the animation is done.

O Finding Nemo – This cartoon is loved by children of all ages. It tells the story of a clownfish who likes to join water sports and wants to find his own home. It is a very positive and uplifting cartoon especially for little children. What’s more, you can look for the full version on the internet so you can watch the movie any time you want. The voice of the clownfish is quite impressive as well.

o Finding Fuzzy – This cartoon is another great choice for little kids. It tells the story of a cute, lovable, and happy penguin who has trouble doing things right and getting along with people. There are different kinds of penguins around and each one wants to be at the top. Besides, there are hundreds of other interesting things going on in the film. If you happen to love this movie, you can always check it out from a DVD or from the internet.

O The Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man – Are you a child? If so, then these three films for preschoolers are very recommended. Kids learn about prejudice while watching this movie and they are able to relate to it better. Even adults will like the humor and the lessons that are being imparted in these movies.

In The Book of Life – This is another African-themed cartoon movie that is suitable for little children. It tells the story of a young boy who is very sad because he has lost his parents. He vows to find them again and that is why he goes to an animal shelter where he meets his new friend, a swan.

These are only a few of the African-themed cartoons and children’s movies that are available from African-inspired producers and directors. Find one today and watch it with your children. You will be glad that you did. After all, watching a good African-inspired cartoon is worth it.