VapeCiga Vaporizers – Why We Have Invested in Research

We researched this on November 29, 2021, and in less than a month; we offered two free Vaporizers with a purchase of two Vaporizers. We then promoted the event on our Facebook page and on Twitter. In one month we reached one million Facebook likes, four hundred thousand twitter followers and we offered three hundred and fifty dollars worth of Vaporizers for one hundred dollars.

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We’re offering two free Vaporizers with a purchase of two Vaporizers, for those who are interested. Keep in mind that we’ve been in business since november and we will continue to grow and expand in the future. If you want to help us grow and expand we encourage you to visit our website. At the moment we are offering Vaporizers for fifty dollars each, with freebies thrown in. This is how we research market trends; it helps us choose the best selling vaporizers so we can offer the best prices to our customers.

In one month we were up to four hundred and fifty dollars in sales. In one month we were up to four hundred and twenty two thousand customers. That means for us to make a profit we have had to meet our estimated customer base of nearly seven hundred thousand people. The amount we charge for our Vaporizers is based off of the estimated numbers we get in our research. This may vary slightly from month to month but it will remain fairly consistent.

Based off our research we estimate that approximately fifteen percent of all customers purchase their own vaporizers. Based off that we can estimate that approximately thirteen percent of all Vaporizers are purchased via the Internet. Therefore, we need to increase our advertising budget to guarantee that we get at least a percentage of each sale that is generated from our Internet advertisement. To do this we can use some tactics to attract customers to our website. These tactics include discounts, freebies, and worker discounts.

Since we were using a third party to research this product we did not consider the word of mouth promotions. Therefore we did not think about using any forms of word of mouth to advertise our company. However, we do now. We plan to use them heavily in the future as well. Therefore, we need to continue expanding our promotion budget when we use influencer marketing tactics.

To date we have used discounts. We have used discounts on products, services, and prices. Therefore, we need to expand our advertising budget for the product through other ways. We need to use the various discounts we have found that we can offer to our customers to expand our customer base. For instance, we found out that we could get a discounted price on two vaporizers when we ordered them together, and we found out that we could get a discount on two vaporizers when we ordered them together from the same Vaporizers store.

In addition to these discounts we also found that we can expand our customer base by offering customer service cards. For instance, on november 29 we offered customer service cards. On november 30 we are offering them with all of our orders. Therefore, the customer service card offers we have found will expand our customer base and increase our profits. Therefore, we must continue researching the various forms of advertising we can use to increase our sales.

We have learned from the Vape Cafe that our research into the VapeCiga Vaporizers has lead us to several different forms of discounts and specials that we can offer to our customers to expand our customer base. As we continue to expand we will also continue to research this on november 30, 2021, and in the future. In fact, we found that we can have an employee discount with most of our Vaporizers. If we cannot find the discount policy that we want, then we can work with the employee to find them the discount policy that they want. This is one of the reasons we have expanded into working with businesses and worker discounts, because we found that we can offer them more than just Vaporizers.